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Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory disease of Central Nervous System (CNS) that includes brain and spinal cord. During the course of the disease flares of inflammation damage insulation of nerve cells called myelin that results in variety of symptoms that the patients experience. The disease mainly affects young and mid-age individuals who are usually otherwise healthy. If untreated, MS can result in a significant disability. Over the past 20 years field of MS has evolved tremendously, from having no FDA approved treatment available, to having multiple agents that are presently in clinical practice, as well as many others upcoming in clinical trials.

University of South Carolina Department of Neurology offers a dedicated subspecialty care in MS through the University Specialty Clinics. Dr. Mrelashvili, a board certified neurologist with specialty interest in MS, is committed to provide a high-quality, individualized care for new and established patients with MS. Nursing staff of the clinic is well educated and skillful in providing the day to day outpatient needs, including prescription refills and prior authorizations for different diagnostic and treatment procedures. Working closely with Palmetto Health Richland Hospital allows our staff to promptly arrange the necessary inpatient hospitalizations or outpatient infusions for the exacerbation of the disease for our patients.
Clinic presently accepts new patients. For more information and referrals please call our main number 803-545-6050.