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Neurological Conditions

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Headache is one of the most common medical conditions, affecting over 99% of humans at some point in their lives. While some headaches are relatively benign and self limited, many of them can be quite severe and result in significant impairment of daily activities. At times headaches can be the first presenting sign of more worrisome process in the body that may need a prompt evaluation and management by a specialized physician.

Our multidisciplinary clinic offers a dedicated outpatient care for headaches. Dr. Michelle Androulakis, one of the faculty neurologists at the University Specialty Clinics, is particularly interested in diagnosis and treatment of different types of headaches. As part of her faculty appointment at the USC School of Medicine, Dr. Androulakis also gives lectures about headache to the third and fourth year medical students and residents. She is actively involved in research in headache medicine. Our clinic works in close collaboration with Palmetto Health Richland Imaging facility and arranges necessary diagnostic studies such as CT scan and high quality MRI images of the brain, as necessary for diagnostic work-up of the patients. Close affiliation with the USC Department of Neurosurgery, provides a streamlined referral for various causes of headaches requiring surgical intervention.

The clinic is presently accepting new patients. For more information and referrals please call our main number 803-545-6050.